King Price Race to the Sea's 164 kilometre route stretches from Franschhoek to Hermanus. Riders will enjoy exploring some of the Western Cape’s less travelled roads and discover a few hidden gems along the way.


4 SEP 2021 SAST (+02:00)

Start & WP 1

Riders will start their King Price Race to the Sea journey at the Huguenot Memorial Museum in Franschhoek. The scenic Franschhoek Pass will be the highlight of the day. But, riders, brace yourselves. You will commence the 7 km climb on cold legs first thing in the morning, but the downhill on the other side will be absolutely worth it! WP 1 will be at 26 km with an elevation gain of 550 metres. WP 2 is 34 km away with an elevation gain of 320 m.

WP 2

WP 2 is at the lovely Beaumont Family Wine Estate, Bot River at a distance of 60 km. Expect to be treated to scrumptious snacks and drinks over and above our standard Water Point fare. Toilet facilities are available. You will ride 19 km with 270 m of elevation to reach WP 3.

WP 3

WP 3 will be at 79 km at Boontjieskraal School in Caledon. This Water Point serves as the halfway mark where the relay riders will pass the proverbial baton. This is also the official Spectator Point where supporters may join up with their riders to offer some encouragement and to cheer them along. There will be food and drinks to stock up again for the next leg of the race. From WP 3 you will ride 22 km with 260 m of elevation to reach WP 4.


WP4 will be at 101 km. Refuel with our basic waterpoint menu of fruit, sweets, water, Coke, Bavaria and a sports drink. From WP 4 you will ride 24 km with 320 m elevation to get to WP 5.


WP5 will be at the small village of Bovenplaats at 125 km. There will be sandwiches available for added sustenance above the standard waterpoint fare and a SURPRISE! So, make sure you do not skip this water point 😉 From here you will ride 21 km with a stiff 470 m elevation to reach WP 6.

WP6 & Finish

WP6 will be at 146km at Hemelrand in the Hemel en Aarde Vallei. It will be a small waterpoint with the basic fare of fruit, sweets and drinks. It is only 20 km from here to the finish with 280 m of climbing before triumphantly reaching your destination at Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate, Hermanus, for a hero’s welcome

WP 4 & 5

Water points 4 & 5 will also be feeding and drink stations. This will be the home stretch for all riders and you will need to nourish here as the second part will have a few tough climbs ahead.


The finish will be at Benguela Cove where spectators and teams will await their loved ones as they cross the finish line. Enjoy the day out with the family.


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