RIDER's Guide 100-Miler

100 Miles | 2 September 2023

Tackling a 100-mile gravel race is not just a challenge; it’s an exhilarating adventure that promises both a physical and mental thrill ride! Be sure to take in every beautiful vista from the Franschhoek Mountains, to the bright yellow canola fields of the Overberg region, to the stunning views of the Palmiet Mountains across the broad waters of the Botrivier lagoon at Benguela Cove.
In this guide, you will find all you need to know for the ride of your life.

Let the Journey begin…



The Huguenot Memorial Monument

13 Lambrechts Road, Franschhoek

  • Remember your SASeeding number board. If you don’t have one, you can buy a SAS board online or at registration for R60.
  • Please have the QR code you would have received via sms OR your SAS board handy when registering.
  • Fabian’s Bicycle Transport will be located in the main parking area inside the Huguenot Memorial.
  • Franschoek pass will be closed from 06:30 to 09:00 am. Please consider this in your travel arrangements. 

Please take note of our emergency number. Save it to your phone: Faces Emergency Assist 066 247 2123


  • Parking at the Huguenot Memorial Monument is limited and is reserved for those riders who need to leave their vehicles at the start and who will return to Franschhoek after the race by shuttle.  
  • We encourage riders to make use of the Rider Drop-Off Zone where possible. 
  • Drivers will drop off riders and their bikes at the Rider Drop-Off Zone from where riders will make their way to Registration.
  • Drivers and other supporters can collect their riders again from the Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate after the race.
  • We appreciate your cooperation to clear the streets from traffic as soon as possible to ensure a safe race start for our riders.

Vehicle Transfer Drop-off Zone

  • Riders who have booked the vehicle transfer service may drop their vehicles off at the Vehicle Transfer Drop-off Zone.
  • Please remember to hand in your keys at the vehicle transfer gazebo next to registration
  • Your vehicle will be transferred to the Finish where you can collect the keys again.

Start Venue

  • A  staff member will scan your SASeeding board to confirm your timing chip is working and registered to the correct person.
  • From the scanning area, riders may proceed into the event area and await their start.
    • Vida e Cafe will be serving coffee 
    • Toilet facilities will be available.

Start Time:

  • Riders will receive their batch and start time via sms and/or Whatsapp and email. 
  • All podium contenders will receive a category sticker at the batch loading gate. Please stick it on your seat post to enable media and/or fellow riders to identify your racing category.
  • The elite racing categories will start first, whereafter the open batches will follow.
Elite Men07:00
Sub Vets (30 – 39)07:05
Vets (40 – 49)07:10
Master Men (50 – 59)07:15
Elite Ladies07:20
Sub Vets (30-39)07:20
Vets (40-49)07:20
Master (50-59)07:20
Grand Master (60-69)07:20
Grand Master Men (60-69)07:25
A Batch07:30
B Batch07:35
C Batch07:40
D Batch07:45

bag drop

  • You can pack a bag with a change of clothes, a towel and toiletries if you wish to take a quick shower after the race.
  • Drop your bag at the Bag Drop Area after Registration.
  • Rider bags will go straight to the finish for collection.
  • Bags can be collected again at the King Price Gazebo/Bus at the finish.

route information

NB: Please note that the route is weather dependant. We have a choice of 3 routes available to us: an A, B or C route all depending on what the weather throws at us this week. For that reason the final GPX route files will only be made available on Wedenesday or Thursday at the latest when we are able to assess which route to send you on.

  • With 100 scenic miles of gravel, asphalt and single track and an elevation punch of 2500 m, this route poses a true test of strength, endurance and character.
  • Start your journey to Hermanus with the spectacular Franschhoek pass. The 7 km climb will quickly warm you up!
  • The route will then pass the Theewaterskloof dam, Botriver, Caledon, through the Hemel en Aarde Vallei to finish at the exclusive Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate at Hermanus. 
  • The halfway mark will be at Water Point 3 at Wolwekraal farm just before Caledon, where relay riders will pass their proverbial baton.
  • Water Point 3 is also the start of the 50-Miler route.
  • Spectators are welcome at WP3 to cheer on their riders. Follow the pin drop to be taken to WP3 at Wolwekraal Farm.  
  • A GPS device is compulsory as the route is marked only at key turns or intersections.
  • There will be no road closure and riders are urged to obey all traffic rules at all times. There will be bike marshalls at all main intersections who will assist riders to cross the roads safely. However, it remains every rider’s responsibility to remain vigilant for road traffic and vehicles.

Cut-off Times and Locations

  • There will be two locations where cut-offs will be enforced.
  • The cut-off at WP3 is @ 13h00
  • The cut-off at WP 4 is @ 14:30

Spectator Point

  • WP3 is the official spectator point where supporters can cheer on their riders.
  • This spectator point also serves as the official handover point for the relay riders.
  • WP 3 is also the official start location of the 50-Miler
  • NB! Please access the venue from the R406 turnoff on the N2, and NOT from the Boontieskraal Rd. From the R406 direction Greyton, you will turn left onto the Middelplaas Rd, then immediately left onto the farm road that leads to WP3.
  • Park your vehicle in the designated parking area. Please note that the parking area may be wet and muddy due to rain. If you feel your vehicle won’t be able to manage, rather park on the side of the district road leading to the venue, making sure not to obstruct any potential farm traffic.
  • Follow the pin drop to WP3 at Wolwekraal Farm.

Water Points

Every water point will serve water, Coke, bananas, PVM Octane and PVM gels & bars. On top of that, delicious and wholesome food will be served to keep you fuelled and hydrated.

WP 1 | 30 km

  • You will climb 600 m to reach WP 1.
  • Toilet facilities are available. 
  • You will ride 20 km and climb 150 m before your next water point (WP2).

WP 2 | 50 km | Goedvertrou Wines

  • WP2 will be at Goedvertrou Wines, just before Botriver.
  • You will then ride 29 km and climb 400 m before reaching WP3.
  • WP3 will be at Wolwekraal Farm in Caledon and riders can expect to be treated to a feast of delicious snacks as well as some proper food.
  • WP3 is the official spectator point.
  • This is the Halfway mark and the Relay Team handover point.
  • Important: This is the ONLY Official Feed / tech zone for Elite podium contenders. Please stay inside the dedicated area.
  • A Specialized Tech Zone will be available.
  • There will be toilet facilities.
  • The official cut-off time at this waterpoint is 13:00. Riders need to leave WP3 before 13h00 to finish the race in time.
  • Ride 19 km and climb 310m to WP4.

WP 4 | 97 km

  • Ride 20 km and climb 200 m to WP5.
  • Official cut-off time @ 14:30

WP 5 | 117 km | Bovenplaats Village

  • Ride 19km and climb a whopping 480 m to reach WP 6.
  • Specialized Tech Zone will be available.

WP 6 | 136 km | The Oaks

  • WP6 will be at Hemelrand, Hemel en Aarde Vallei. 
  • From here it is only 26 km to the finish with 360 m of climbing.
Roll into the exclusive Benguela Cove Lagoon and Wine Estate like the hero you are!

Relay Team Logistics

  • The Relay Team of Two has Rider 1 starting in Franschhoek.
  • Rider 2 will drop off his teammate at the start and then follow the pin drop to at Wolwekraal Farm which will serve as the relay point.
  • NB! Please access the venue from the R406 turnoff on the N2, not from the Boontieskraal Rd. From the R406 direction Greyton, you will turn left onto the Middelplaas Rd, then immediately left onto the farm road that leads to WP3.
  • Park your vehicle in the designated parking area and then settle in to await your teammate. Please note that the parking area may be wet and muddy as it has been raining heavily. If you feel your vehicle won’t be able to manage, rather park on the side of the district road leading to the venue, making sure not to obstruct any potential farm traffic. 
  • Rider 2 will start riding when Rider 1 arrives.
  • Teams will receive their medal and T-shirt at the finish.
  • Rider 1 will drive the team vehicle to the finish at Benguela Cove where he/she will await Rider 2.

When navigating to WP3 you can make use of this pin location:

E-bike Logistics

  • Our e-bike riders may drop off a spare battery at Registration at the Start.
  • The batteries will be taken through to WP3 (halfway mark) where riders can collect them again.
  • Please make sure your spare battery can be easily identified.
  • Batteries left at WP3 can be collected again at 18:00 at the Medals Gazebo at the Finish.

Medals + T-shirts


For the first time since the inception of the King Price Race to the Sea, we have introduced beautifully designed special performance medals as an added incentive to ride your best time ever.

GOLD | SUB 6:00hrs

SILVER | SUB 7:00hrs

BRONZE | SUB 8:00hrs


Expected Riding Times:

MedalAVG Speed km/hWP 1 @30kmWP 2 @50kmWP 3 @77kmWP 4 @97kmWP 5 @117kmWP6 @136kmFinish @162km 
MedalAVG Speed km/hWP 1 @30km
WP 2 @50kmWP 3 @77kmWP 4 @97km
WP 5 @117kmWP6 @136kmFinish @162km

As you cross the finish line you will receive an sms with your result. 

Please show the sms you received to the crew member at the Medal Gazebo who will hand over your medal in accordance with the time you have ridden.

Every rider will receive a T-shirt and medal at the Finish.

Racing Rules

  • King Price Race to the Sea is a CSA sanctioned event and, as such, CSA race rules will apply.
  • The race is mainly on gravel but also on public tar roads. Please obey all traffic rules when riding on public roads at all times.
  • We encourage riders to display good rider etiquette and sportsmanship at all times and to ride in such a manner that they do not compromise the safety of other riders.
  • Please take the time to read through our rules and regulations here.


A Smoove chain lube station will be available at the water points.


  • A sweep vehicle will follow the last rider to the finish.
  • Various bike marshalls and medical services will be patrolling the route assisting riders to reach the finish safely.
  • There will be a tech zone operated by Specialized at water point 3 at Wolwekraal Farm

Emergency Number Contacts:

1. Iain 082 742 7969 (Safety Officer)

2. Graydon: 060 8585 222 (Head of Medics)

3. Faces Emergency Assist: 066 247 2123

Elite Tech/Feed Zone

  • There will be an official Tech/Feed zone at WP3 Wolwekraal Farm. This will be the only Tech Zone in the race. Outside assistance is available in the Tech Zone only. No outside assistance is allowed at any other water point or on the route. If you receive assistance at any point other than the official Tech Zone, you will be disqualified.

compulsory gear

  • A GPS device with the route file loaded and running is compulsory, since the route is only marked with the most basic of route markers.
  • Tools for basic bike repairs.
  • Helmet.
  • Cellphone.


  • A rider’s time will stop once he/she passes the timing mat on the finish line.
  • At the finish line, collect your post-race drink, finisher’s medal and Race to the Sea finisher’s T-shirt.
  • If you qualify for a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal please show your results sms to the official at the medals table to collect your special performance medal.
  • Relay Team riders will both collect their medals and T-shirts at the finish. 
  • You are welcome to make use of the facilities at Benguela Cove to freshen up and enjoy a well-earned post-race meal & drink.
  • Bags that was dropped at registration can be collected again at the King Price Gazebo.
  • Riders can look forward to relaxing and enjoying a well-deserved post-race beer in the Devil’s Peak beer garden at the Finish. Cheers!
  • Benguela Cove has an awesome kids’ playground area called Adventure park. Please note that a fee will apply when using these facilities.
  • There will be an official prize-giving ceremony for all the relevant categories at 14h00 and 16h00 depending on when the first three riders in a category have all crossed the finish line.
  • Food and drinks from various food vendors will be available for purchase at the Finish.


  • Prize-giving will be held at 14h00 and 16h00. 
  • Your category will be called to the podium if the first three riders in that category have crossed the finish line by the set times.

Race Updates

 Follow King Price Race to the Sea on Instagram stories for race updates as the action unfolds.


  • Every rider will receive an sms after the event with his/her race result. Please go to the medal gazebo to collect your medal based on the time you have ridden.
  • If you have a result query, please make use of the link contained in the sms to log your query.


You can access all results here.

Teams + Supporters

  • This is a full-service event so riders participating in the race will not need any back- up.
  • Relay Teams: Rider 2 will drop Rider 1 at the Start Venue and then drive their team vehicle to the handover point at WP3 where he/she will await his/her team-mate.
  • Navigate to WP3 by using this location: -34.1832840, 19.3763775
  • No support outside of the designated checkpoint area will be allowed and any transgression in this regard will lead to disqualification.

Shuttle Service and Bike Transfers:

A morning and afternoon shuttle will be available through Fabian’s Bicycle Transfer. Please follow the link below for info and to book your shuttle.

Please note that booking in advance is essential.

Virtual Vouchers

Every rider receives a Specialized retail voucher to the value of R300 as well as a complimentary race photo package to the value of R340 delivered straight to your inbox after your race.

Enjoy your journey to the Sea…

Remember, this isn’t just about completing a race; it’s about embarking on a memorable and joyful gravel escapade. So gear up, grin big, and let the fun unfold as you conquer these100 miles with style!