Race Categories according to age and gender are batched together.

In this way, competitive riders can keep track of their opponents at all times.

Batches are smaller, enhancing rider safety.

Elite Men07:00
Sub Vets (30 – 39)07:05
Vets (40 – 49)07:10
Master Men (50 – 59)07:15
Elite Ladies07:20
Sub Vets (30-39)07:20
Vets (40-49)07:20
Master (50-59)07:20
Grand Master (60-69)07:20
Grand Master Men (60-69)07:25
A Batch07:30
B Batch07:35
C Batch07:40
D Batch07:45


  • Only riders who start in the Elite batches can be in contention for the Overall podium positions.
  • Only riders who start in their correct category will be eligible for age-category prizes.
  • Riders may choose to ride down a category. For example, someone who is above 40 years of age (Vet), may choose to ride in the Elite category and can be reseeded into the Elite batch, but will no longer be able to qualify for a Veteran prize category.


Further communication on batching and batch start times will be sent out closer to the race date.

Gravel Bike Campionship Jerseys

King Price Race to the Sea is the first-ever SA Gravel Bike Championships in the history of SA gravel bike racing. If you’re older than 19 and hold a valid CSA license, you are eligible to compete for the coveted SA Gravel title. 


Sub vets, Vet, Masters and Grand Masters