Where do I enter for Race to the Sea?

Entries will be opened once we have a confirmed date for 2021.

How much are the entries?
  • Solo R900
  • Team of Two Relay (2 stages) Each stage is approx. 80km R1600
Do I need a mtb or road bike?

We allow Gravel road bikes into this event, modifications to your Mountain Bikes are welcome as long as they are safe for yourself and fellow competitors. (Rigid forks and hard tails will be fine, little to no corrugation roads) Although there are parts on the tar road, a road bike will not be able to handle the rest of the route

Do I need a GPS device?

GPS devices are compulsory, you need to be able to navigate the route with the supplied GPS maps. Basic markings will be in place, with route marshals along the way at any danger areas. A GPS device is compulsory. If you have any questions regarding certain points, please contact

When and where will registration be?

Registration takes place on Thursday and Friday before the event at the following venues from 10h00 – 17h00.

  • Thursday – Specialized Stellenbosch
  • Friday – Specialized Tygerberg
  • We recommend making use of one of the pre-registration venues. If you can’t make it, we’ve got you covered! Registration takes place on race day at the start from 6am.
Where can I find route information?

All the details can be found here:

What is a SASeeding timing board, and why do I need one?

The SASeeding time board is used to monitor your time throughout the race. The cost is R60 per board. You can purchase a SASeeding timing board during the entry process or at registration. If you already own a SASeeding timing board, please bring along to registration. 

How do I do a substitution?

Simply log into your Entry Ninja account and you will be able to do the substitution by yourself. Please note the substitutions close on 17 October 2020.

When will I receive the route files?

Route files will be sent out to all participants on Monday before the event. Race to the Sea travels through many privately owned land and pre-arranged venues, where participants won’t be able to go through until Race Day. All files will be sent through in gpx and tcx format.


Where do we start?

At Franschhoek Huguenot Memorial Museum. You will need a GPS device to navigate the route to Hermanus.

What time will the race begin?

The 2021 race will start from 06:30am and riders will be devided into different batches. 

How do I get my car to Benguela Cove?

It is every rider’s own responsibility to make travel arrangements after the event. Relay teams can drop off Rider One at the start, then Rider Two can proceed to the Waterpoint 3 Spectator Point to do the handover there.

What is the cut-off time ?

The event cut off is at 18h30, but a rolling cutoff will be enforced throughout the day starting at Waterpoint 2. Riders must at least maintain an average speed of 13.5km/h in order to avoid being cut off. This is for rider safety and to have the last riders over the finish line before the sun sets.

When will the results be communicated?

A SMS will be sent out on the day confirming your time. Should you encounter any problems or not receive the message, please email

Where are the water points?

Each water point will be an oasis with cold drinks, ice, and plenty of food. Supporters are allowed to feed riders at waterpoints only. Water point 3 is a spectator points. Water point 3 is also the place where relay teams will hand over to the next member.

Water point 1: Only Drinks (Water & Coke)

Water point 2: Feeding Station (Water, Coke and Food)

Water point 3: Halfway Point (Water, Coke and Food) & Spectator Point with massages, MC, music, beer and food vendors for spectators 

Water point 4: Feeding Station (Water, Coke and Food)

Water point 5: Feeding Station (Water, Coke and Food)

What happens if I get lost?

Emergency vehicles will be on standby. MySOS app will be used to track your location and send assistance ASAP. We will also make available a number riders can call in case of an emergency on route.

Are there any podium prizes?

Yes. Separate podiums for male and female riders in each of their categories. Prize money amounts to over R36,000.00. Only applies to full distance riders and not relay distances. More info here

How do I check-in my bags?

There will be a designated “Bag Drop” area at registration. There you can check-in your bag, receive a tag and collect it again at the finish. Bags will be transported via a shuttle service to Benguela Cove.


How many members are allowed in a relay team?

Teams consist of two members.

Team of two – first rider will start at Franschhoek and second rider at the halfway mark.

How do I get my car to Benguela Cove?

It is every rider’s own responsibility to make travel arrangements after the event. Relay teams can drop off Rider One at the start, then Rider Two can proceed to the Waterpoint 3 Spectator Point to do the handover there. Rider One can then drive to the finish at Benguela Cove  

What if my partner does not make the halfway mark?

Please advice a race official if you partner will no be able to make it to the halfway mark. You will be able to start the race when the lead vehicle and Elites have passed the marker. Leave your car keys with one of the race officials and meet your partner at the finish. 

Where is the handover point?

The first handover point for relay teams is at the halfway mark. Here your timing chip will be scanned, and your teammates will start.

What if my partner doesn’t finish, will I still get a medal?

Yes. If any partners of a relay team don’t finish or complete the race, you will automatically receive a medal at the end.

On the day: What if we want to do the whole distance?

We will commend your endurance. Be sure to inform route officials at the finish line of your decision.


Where are the spectator points?

The spectator point will be at the halfway mark. You can drop-off your loved one at the start and proceed to the halfway point. The Franschhoek Pass will be closed for the race. 

What facilities are available at the spectator points?

Entertainment, food stalls & live coverage of the event.


What are the sponsorship requirements?

For any sponsorship or vendor requests please contact Hennie at


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